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Who We are

We’re Cold Call Crew, the B2B sales and lead generation company that helps businesses generate leads, close deals, and grow their business.

Why Cold Call Crew ?

We’re not your average cold callers. We’re a team of experienced SaaS sales pros who know the industry inside out. We focus on building relationships, identifying pain points, and presenting your product as the solution. We use whatever channels work best to reach your target audience and generate leads for your business. We don’t just cold call. We also do warm calling, email marketing, and social media outreach. We’re committed to your success, and we’ll never give up on you. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure you reach your goals.









David Chen, CEO Of SkyNet Solutions,

"As a B2B IT solutions provider, our ideal clients were often buried behind layers of gatekeepers. Cold Call Crew helped us break through those barriers. Their callers are skilled at navigating complex corporate structures and connecting us with the right decision-makers. We've closed several high-value deals thanks to their efforts, and our B2B network is stronger than ever."

Sarah Thompson, Operations Manager, at Eco-Clean,

"Eco-Clean was struggling to differentiate ourselves in a crowded cleaning service market. We needed a way to connect with potential clients and showcase the value proposition of our eco-friendly cleaning products. Cold Call Crew did just that! Their callers are well-versed in our environmentally-conscious practices and effectively communicated our unique selling points. We've seen a surge in new client inquiries, and we're proud to be partnering with a company that shares our commitment to sustainability."

Maria Rodriguez, Marketing Director at Apex Fitness

"Apex Fitness was launching a new fitness program targeted towards busy professionals. We needed qualified leads, fast. Cold Call Crew took the time to understand our unique program and target audience. They developed customized scripts that resonated with potential clients, resulting in a significant increase in program sign-ups. We wouldn't have achieved this success without their expertise."

John Anderson, Owner of Greenleaf Landscaping

"Greenleaf Landscaping used to rely on word-of-mouth and local advertising. We knew we needed to expand, but cold calling felt overwhelming. Cold Call Crew changed that. Their team is friendly, professional, and incredibly persistent. They secured appointments with property managers for high-end residential projects, something we never could have achieved alone. Our business has boomed, and we owe a big part of that to Cold Call Crew."

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